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Our network is set up to build, plant and support residential sites for our programs. As Mama Africana has grown and taken on more partners, we have developed “sites” that allow our mentors to reach more girls in the city. Site Directors lead out outreaches and weekly gatherings (The Ebony Bridge) at each established site.

As a network, we provide a host of resources to the Site Directors, including funding, training, event planning services, marketing, volunteer recruitment, and professional counseling services for the girls. Our mission as a network is to support the various Mama Africana sites so that they may focus solely on implementing the mission and core values of the Mama Africana mentoring program.



Belonging: In an era where black women are objectified through the media and other systems, black girls need to be reminded of the strong history that defines their uniqueness. We create opportunities for them to understand and learn to appreciate their minds and bodies as God created them.



Time: We're committed to one-on-one discipleship and meetings with each girl. During this time, we engage in intentional discussion about future goals, issues at home, obstacles at school, relationships and Jesus.



Place: Every week we gather for a night of dinner, worship and fellowship we call The Ebony Bridge. We engage our girls in several discussions and bible studies that relate to the modern young black woman. It gives them an opportunity to interact with fellow peers, to share laughter, joys and pains.