It's Sharrine / by Evey Sekajipo

I am Sharrine, originally from Miami, but I have been in Tampa since summer 2003. I graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree Elementary Education. My childhood wasnt typical, but by the grace of our Father, I overcame many obstacles.  I have been mentoring with Mama Africana for 10 years now. The years have been an awesome experience. Some years are like a bag full of emotions, while others years are like riding a bike, easy and smooth. Each year has left and imprint on my heart and given me a deeper desire to build relationships with our girls. Every Friday I am met with smiles, laughter and willingly open hearts. Our girls remind me of how important it is to be a big sister. I get excited to see the girls' passion, drive and zeal. This makes me hopeful for their future. It helps me to dream with and for them. Mama Africana stands for what every little black girl needs: love, support, encouragement, laughter. My hope and dream is that as our girls continue to grow and learn, and will one day take the torch and teach a young sister all the things that they have learned while in Mama Africana.