About Shaniece- MA Brandon Director / by Evey Sekajipo

I am an Electrical Controls Engineer in the Tampa Bay Area. I moved to the United States from my home country of Belize in 2007 to attend the University Of South Florida. As an Afro Caribbean woman trying to maneuver my way through the life of being black in the United States and in the male dominated world of engineering, I was blessed to have Jesus loving mentors choosing to walk alongside me. They helped me unpack the importance of my ethnic identity as I was deepening my relationship with Jesus. Having this empowered me to confidently take my place in my work environment and in the community God chose to place me in.

I mentor with Mama Africana, because it is my hope that the journey I started in my twenties could be started for my little sisters in their teen years. We combat the stereotypes society tries to place on them and fill them up with the love of God. I see firsthand in here how girls light up as they discover that God hand-made each of them; that no part of who they are was a mistake. Each week, I am drawn to tears as I watch these young black girls love on, speak life into and pray for each other. They share honestly from their hearts as if they’ve known one another all their lives.

It is my dream that the girls sitting in my living room today will be the ones making world-changing decisions tomorrow. I pray that they will live Jesus-centered lives, knowing the redeeming truth of the cross and sharing that wherever they go. I dream for them to be leading their own mentoring programs tomorrow; passing on all they have gained here and more to the next generation.