Our MSW Intern from USF / by Evey Sekajipo

Hello everyone, my name is Nelly Hyppolite. I will be interning at Mama Africana for the duration of my masters, God willing. I am currently a student at the University of South Florida earning my Masters of Social Work. I am of Haitian descent. I lived in Haiti until the age of fourteen. I have lived in the United States ever since. As you can probably guess, because I lived in Haiti for so long I did learn to speak French, Creole, and English. I moved to Tampa two years ago from Palm Bay, Florida where I earned my AA degree. In addition to going to school there, I used to be the Vice President of my youth and also a Sunday school teacher for elementary school kids. I spent a lot of time working with youth and I would have to say they are my passion.

As Vice President, I alongside our President planned many different events that could get youths to participate in the church. One of my favorites was our annual Dance-O-Rama. We created this event to get youths from not just our church but also churches around our city, to come together for one night of dancing, singing and praising. It also allowed us to raise money for a summer annual trips. As a Sunday school teacher, I had a great time teaching the younger generation about God and getting them to also teach others about God. You may be wondering how we got them to teach others. Well, after they learned in class we would remind them that the word of God is not just for them and those they see at church. The following Sunday they would have to come back telling us about the person they talked to about the Gospel that week and how it felt to talk to them about it. Of course, our little kiddies need rewards for the great work they do. We set up a point system, where on the Sunday before Christmas, Easter and back to school, we would give a treasure box full of candy and toys to the boy and girl with the highest points.

Unfortunately, I have not been as active in church as much as I used to be and I hope to be able to do so once again. Working in the church has helped me realize how much I care for the new generation. They are after all our future, so I believe we should provide them with the best guidance we can. It will one day be up to them if we will have a better and brighter future. I am excited to meet and work with you all. I hope that we get the opportunity to learn a lot from each other,


Stay blessed


Nelly Hyppolite