Our New Business: MA Designs / by Evey Sekajipo

Hello friends of MA!

It's been a while since I've sent you a newsletter. So much to catch you up on. However, I would only like to focus on one thing: MA Designs.

Last year, I interned with a department at my school called, The Office of Faith, Works, and Economics (OFWE). As an OFWE intern, I got the chance to learn from business professionals, attend Acton Institute in Grand Rapids, and participate in a business plan competition. The business plan I submitted was geared towards offering black girls an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills through creativity, business management, and team work. After winning the competition, the ball was in my court to see that it all comes to fruition.

As a novice in the business world, the journey has been challenging. Along the way, we've welcomed helping hands and words of advice. We hired one of our high schoolers to join us as we discover what it takes to start a business; she’s been remarkable and teachable. 

Today, we launched our very first micro-business called MA Designs. All proceeds will go back into MA and eventually towards the young entrepreneurs we hire.

Our mission to empower black girls remains the same. We still provide mentoring, academic advocacy, and leadership development. Now, with MA Designs, we get to insert, “entrepreneurial opportunities” and we’re alright with that.


If you are interested in working closely with us on this project, we would love that!Please text me and we will arrange a time to meet.

In the meantime, please, explore our website and spread the word.



Thank you for always showing love and interest.

Still compelled by the unwavering love of Jesus


Evelyn Sekajipo

Executive Director