Fall Salutations / by Evey Sekajipo

Greetings One & All,

As we get ready to start the new semester. Mama Africana (MA) is getting ready to start up as well. We’ve had a few changes that have taken place. As we’re entering a new season of ministry; we are excited to say yes to Christ again for the opportunity, in loving on our girls in this way.

Personally, I am overflowing with the honor and excitement of getting to serve with, and serve amazing black women, and girls. Oh, by the way. I am Cleanda Dieuveille, the new Director of MA Network. I have been serving MA, with several impacting black women for the past few years. We’ve served Tampa Bay Area for the past 14 years. We’ve been to graduations; we’ve been to weddings. We’ve been to baby showers, and unfortunately even to a funeral for one of our girls. We invited our girls into our lives, and they have given us the joy of being part of theirs.

This coming school year is going to look a little different, but our mission still stands, the same. To empower black girls in their ethnic identity and their relationship with Christ.

Please think about it… Or act on it… There is more than one way that you can consider, partnering with MA, to care for our girls. Assist with gifts for Christmas, and valentine’s day. You can partner with us finical; one-time gift, or a monthly partnership. You can give us tickets to events, that our girls could enjoy; and may never have to opportunity to attend. You can, provide dinner for our bi-weekly meetings, and becoming a prayer partner. Let others know that we are here, and why we are here.

Whatever, you’re thinking, whatever you may be considering; let’s talk about it.


Cleanda Dieuveille

Mama Africana Network


“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.” Maya Angelou