It's Chimica! / by Evey Sekajipo

Well, Hello Blog Readers!  

My name is Chimica and this is my first year as a mentor in Mama Africana. I am from West Palm Beach, Florida and I have been living in Tampa for 3 years now. During my free time I enjoy exercising, reading, jamming out to good music, socializing, and serving. So far, I have been enjoying my time as a mentor and I often forget my age when I spend time with my 6th graders. They bring so much joy into my life. When I first became a Christian, in high school, a 26-year-old woman came alongside me as a mentor and discipled me. I got an authentic example of what it looks like to have a daily walk with Jesus. Because of such a life changing experience, I had no choice but to become a mentor myself. 

As a former foster child, people often ask me about my childhood and how I became the woman I am today. I always reply with "Jesus", which is partly to be comical and yet totally true. I also share with them the concept of "The Village", a network of people that play a role in a child's life. Then, I paint them a verbal picture of what my village looked like growing up.  A good village is made up of people that believe in a young girl, speak life into her, show her unconditional love, and support her. One of the most important people in that village is the mentor. The mentor personally coaches her, empowers her, corrects her, invests in her, and acts as a blueprint for her success. The mentor willingly does these with hope, yet not knowing what the fruit of her labor will look like. I am a part of Mama Africana because I believe that mentorship is the secret to success for kids in the Black Community. I am excited to see what God does in the lives of the girls and mentors of MA. 


Best Regards,