Top 7 Reasons You Should Come To The Premiere of Black Rose Unfurled By: Fabiana Laplante / by Evey Sekajipo

fabiana laplante

fabiana laplante


7.    What else do you have planned? 

7.  What else do you have planned? 

7.  What else do you have planned?  The premiere is on a Friday night and you can make an evening of it.  Go to a nice restaurant with your significant other, or your significant friends and then show up for the premiere.  Here’s a pop quiz.  On June 5th would you rather: a) be at home watching Netflix, or b) watch an amazing documentary and celebrate a great ministry in a fun setting?  If you answered “a”, then, congratulations! You should definitely come to the premiere.  If you answered “b”, then, congratulations! You should definitely come to the premiere.  On a more serious note we, as mentors,  would love to have you be our guest.  If you haven’t been invited already, please consider this a formal invitation!

6.   It’s a red carpet premiere!   

6. It’s a red carpet premiere! 

6. It’s a red carpet premiere!  That means formal attire.  You get to dust off your old suit or fancy dress rotting in your closet and try it on again.  See if it still fit!  Or, maybe you’re the type of person that’s always fancy.  If so, then you can go on to number 5.  If you don’t have anything formal to wear,  now is the time to explore.  You can buy something, new or used, it doesn’t matter.   For the 10th year anniversary, we wanted to mark this milestone in a big way.  For those of us coming from a church background, come wearing your formal Sunday’s best on Friday, June 5th, without the church hat, of course.

5.   Documentaries are experiential.   

5. Documentaries are experiential. 

5. Documentaries are experiential.  Think of Black Rose Unfurled as a picture, but it’s only one picture of many in the photo album that is Mama Africana.  Keeping with the same analogy, going through a photo album there’s usually a chronological order. We wanted to start at the beginning because we are still at the beginning.  Black Rose Unfurled sheds some much needed light on what Mama Africana is about and why it started.  We, as mentors,  want you to take a good look at this picture and take it in.  We want you to see yourself in the picture.  How do you fit into MA?  What role can you play in Mama Africana?  Now, If a picture is worth a thousand words, this documentary is worth about a million and one.  And to put it in modern times, it would take a whole lot of tweets to reach that many words.  Our girls don’t even tweet that much.

4.    It’s cinematic magic!   

4.  It’s cinematic magic! 

4.  It’s cinematic magic!  The great thing about documentaries is that they bring you somewhere. Most people don’t have the opportunity to visit every country in the world or encounter all the world’s pressing issues.  Documentaries can take us to someplace that we wouldn’t normally go.  Allow Black Rose Unfurled to take you on a little journey into the world of Mama Africana.  Enter into the world of black girls and have your eyes opened.

3.   It’s historic.

3. It’s historic.

3. It’s historic.  Mama Africana marking it’s 10th year is nothing less than miraculous.  Mama Africana exists for no less a purpose than to provide a space for black girls to be themselves.  Our desire is for black girls to be empowered and to personally know the love of Jesus. There is significance in having a ministry like Mama Africana reaching a group that often goes overlooked. What Mama Africana is doing transcends the confines of the ministry itself.  Black girls everywhere deserve to know how worthy they are.  History has been unkind to black girls, but Jesus rewrites history.  He writes stories where black girls are the main characters.

2.   It’s the 10 Year Anniversary celebration!   

2. It’s the 10 Year Anniversary celebration! 

2. It’s the 10 Year Anniversary celebration!  Ten years ago Mama Africana started with an already-existing need, and a vision to meet that need.  The need was very real - the lives of a black girl can be challenging, unfair, and even turbulent at times.  The need was for someone to come and be understanding where black girls have been misunderstood.  The need was for someone to come and be loving where blacks girls have felt unloved and unwanted.  The need was for someone to come and be an advocate where black girls have felt voiceless or unheard.  Ten years ago, Mama Africana started with just a few, brave mentors and just a few girls willing to be mentored and has grown not only in number, but in the ways God uses Mama Africana.

1.   Black girls matters  . 

1. Black girls matters

1. Black girls matters.  Their lives and everything that their lives are composed of matter.  Black women are considered the least desirable in society.  However, in Mama Africana we know that Jesus is much  bigger than society.  We know that Jesus sees blacks girls for who they are: intelligent, capable, beautiful.  Moreover, he created them as such.  Documentaries are only one type of the many mediums we use to empower and spotlight our girls.  Although it’s impossible to put in film exactly how much fruit comes from Mama Africana, we invite you to join us in celebrating how the lives of ours girls are changing for the better.  Come and view the documentary and catch a glimpse of why Mama Africana exists and why we continue to do what we do.  Be a part of our first ten year celebration and join us again for the next ten years!


Fabiana Laplante