Help us, welcome Alexis Brown / by Evey Sekajipo

It is an honor and joy for us to welcome another mentor to the Mama Africana family!!! We’re so excited that she says yes to Christ’s call and will join us on this voyage of advocating, loving and empowering black girls.

Who are you?

My name is Alexis Brown and I am African American woman. I am currently a first year graduate student at the University of South Florida. I am going for a MBA in Health Administration. I was born and raised in Jacksonville,FL. I have 1 sister and 4 nieces. I enjoy experiencing new things and expanding my horizons! I love books and I am a huge foodie.

Why'd you choose MA?

I chose Mama Africana because I adore this program and what it does for young black girls. MA empowers black girls to become strong and flourishing black women. I honestly wish there were more programs like this, empowering black girls in a world that wants them to just be quiet and dim their light. I want to be apart of an organization that is there for young black girls when nobody else is there and be a listening ear for them when nobody else will.

What do you look forward to?

I look forward to getting to know the girls in Mama Africana and being able to be in their lives as someone they can trust and be there for them. They see the world and certain topics a lot differently than the rest of us and I can't wait to engage with them and even be challenged by their thinking. I also can't wait to watch the growth and progress I know the girls will make during their time with Mama Africana.