New Seasons! New Dreams! New Relationships! Mama Africana- Legacy / by Evey Sekajipo

So we have officially started our fall semester. We have brought together both our high school (Lineage) girls and our middle school (Ebony Bridge) girls. Birthing our MA Legacy girls and meetings, this season. For the last month (the first month of the fall,) I’ve had the chance, to watch our high school girls both those that continue, their time; those that are just starting off the season. And our middle school girls, begin to build a sisterly relationship. It’s makes my heart smile that the girls that didn’t have the mentors in their world last year, begin to build open relationships with each other. We’ve been able love on a number of girls (which varies) in our last meetings that make them feel comfortable to be with us.

This season looks a little different for all the mentors as well. Not only do we have the chance to build new relationships and continue our relationships with our girls. But we also get to also continue to build our relationships with each other. Striving to be sisters to each other so that our girls can see and experience good examples.

And now this semester we’ve gotten the chance to welcome a new mentee and a new mentor. Lol, God is faithful. We’ve even been given the chance to give room for others to love on our girls. Through dinner and gifts. Let me know if you’d like to love on our girls in this way. I’m sure we can find some way we, can include you in loving our girls.

Cleanda Dieuveille- Ms. Cece