Spring Ebony Bridge Reflection / by Evey Sekajipo

Spring Ebony Bridge Reflection

It was a good year. We had different conversations, anywhere from same sex attractions to women in history that we don’t hear about in history class.

Every year isn’t the same as the year before. But is always one to remember. This semester we started and ended, with a handful of beautiful young ladies. We had a couple of girls that couldn’t join us for one reason or the other, yet we had more girls come, and join us.

Each of our little sisters had different personalities, and each brought something to the table as we spent time together, as we ate dinner and conversed about different subjects. Through our ups and downs, our girls grew comfortable with each other. Our introverts spoke up. Our extroverts, lowered their voices a little… (Well not their laugh.) They just sprinkled their beauty and personality everywhere, each week.

This semester just reconfirmed that; our girls need community. (We, black women need community.) And through the ups and downs, I am grateful for the chance to celebrate, my little sisters’ victories. And the chance to, challenge what they felt to be acceptable, and ask them why.

We had two of our girls, to except Christ as their personal savior.

It was a good semester. Can’t wait to see what, Christ wants to do with our girls in the fall!