Hello October, / by Evey Sekajipo

Well September has come and gone. And we wanted to just take a moment to share with you, what has been happening on this side.

One of our girls, helped us to welcome her little sister, to Legacy. Jessica and myself had the chance to have a one-on-one with their grandmother. She made the decision to love on, MA by giving to us financially and by being one of our promoters, letting people know that we are here and what we do, and that they should financial support us.

We had the joy of having Alexis Brown join our team. The first meeting with our girls, she jumped right in and the girls seemed to be very comfortable with her around. Having the joy that we had two new girls join us, and apparently they’re planning to be back next week. This all makes my heart smile.

We have been enjoying our time with the girls, learning from them and about them. As we continue with the fall semester, we continue. We are grateful for supporters. Those that give, financially, those that have provided dinner for us, and the prayer warriors that are also in our corner.

Please remember if you are looking to serve MA, let’s talk about it. I’m sure we can find some how for you to love our girls, in one form or the other.

Alright, October! You’re here- lets do it!