A Note To Our Supporters. / by Evey Sekajipo

We missed our girls this summer; it’s nice to be back with them for a new school year. We are delighted about the opportunities for growth and sisterhood. We just celebrated 13 years of service in Tampa! Hooray, we’re teenagers! (wait a minute, Uh oh!) We are still in the process of learning how to best care for the needs of Black girls in Tampa- we don’t think we will ever cease in that quest. The "tiny" role we play, at times, feels impossible or, dare we say, insignificant; Yet, we are reminded day by day that the role in which we play is, in fact, a mighty one. Through it all, we are embracing every bit of the process as we are met with new challenges, new personalities, and further victories. As we continue to adapt to what is thrown our way, be it in our program or society, we relentlessly serve with confidence knowing that our mission is (and always has been) to empower Black girls in their ethnic identity and their relationship with Jesus; we rest assured in His love for them, for us. We rest assured and keep our heads up knowing that we have been given a beautiful, honorable task.

Thank you for rooting for us- for believing in the work entrusted to us by God. Thank you for celebrating us. Thank you for all the support. We love you.

Here’s to another adventurous school year with our beautiful little sisters.

Compelled by Christ's love,

Evelyn Sekajipo