10 Years With Sharrine! / by Evey Sekajipo

This year makes it 10 years that Sharrine has been serving in Mama Africana! We want to honor her with this compilation of words of love and affirmation from old and current mentors who have been blessed by her. #MA4Lyfe

10 years?!  That is amazing!!

Sharrine is a faithful giver.  She gives so freely of her time and even more generously from the deep well of love she has thanks to her deep connection to Jesus.  What a shining example to us all!! -Robyn Brooks

Congratulations Sharrine on 10 years with MA! Representation matters and by being you, you give black girls permission to be themselves.  I genuinely admire your commitment to being a lifelong role model. -Fabiana Laplante

SHARRINE!!! I love you! I love your strength as a leader, a teacher, a friend and so much more. Thank you for being my friend and sister. From Bible studies to dancing due to over fatigue. From hangouts to whatever life may bring. Thank you for being part of my world. It wouldn't be as awesome, without you. -Cleanda Dieuveille

For Sharrine: 10 years! What a gift! MA is so lucky to have an amazing mentor, friend, leader, and supporter in you! I'm grateful for your friendship and your example to me of humility, perseverance, and joy (to name a few). I'm blessed to know you and pray that God would bless you in every way! Love, Jessica. -Jessica Soleyn

Congratulations Sharrine and Thank you for all you are and all you do! You have been a gift to all of here and away; I love you for friendship and your earnestness for our ministry. Many more years! -Ivy Enekwa

Sharrine - Congratulations hun on reaching 10 years. You show such dedication & devotion to the girls & this organization. Your love & deep care have only made MA better. Thank you for saying yes to God & I pray you continue to blossom even more. -Fulei Ngangmuta

Sharrine, you are very sacrificial, a true woman of God. You always look for ways to help others. You have been a Gift to MA since day one! -Ortheline Athey

Congratulations on 10 years as an MA mentor! Your love, prayers, commitment and dedication to young black girls in Tampa is needed, wanted and greatly appreciated :) -Diahnne Lizima

Sharrine, your dedication to serving Black Girls through Mama Africana is exemplary! Thank you for being a real display of what it means to love Jesus enough to be obedient in sacrificing one's wants and needs for the sake of others’! Love you! And THANK YOU!! -Shaniece Johnson


When I first met you, you were so kind, sweet and soft-spoken. I love how big your heart is and how dedicated you are to making a difference in the lives of our youth. Thank you for walking boldly in your calling even when you do not feel like it. Thank you for being so kind to me when I first stepped on the MA scene. Continue to be YOU always, all ways! I love you my beautiful sista!! “ -Chanele Patton

Sharrine I admire your drive to love on black girls. You are one of the most loyal, compassionate, not afraid to keep it real with love people I know. My life is better just because I know you. Seeing you makes me want to run after Jesus harder. Congrats on 10 years!! -Michelle Ashby

I appreciate your gift of working with kids. For example, whenever you see me, you ask for my daughter Isa, and when you do see her, you always make her face light up and make her feel special. That means a lot to her. -Guerdely Stimphont

My friend and sister !!! I love you! So very grateful for you and your life. You are a gift to the world, a gift to your whole extended family, a gift to all your MA daughters!! You are very loved! So proud of who you are and continue to become through good seasons and painful seasons!! I love you so much!! -Erica Canon


I admire your relationship and drive to follow Jesus. Your life is an inspiration! You bring joy to others through your infectious laugh and your kind heart. You give hope to the youth you teach whether it's in MA or your school. Even when things get hard, you never give up and continue to push in with Jesus. I know He is pleased with you!!! Never give up on your dreams. God has sooo much more in store for you; He gets excited thinking about it! Sharrine I love you, and I can't wait to see what the next 10 years bring for you. Love, Lyssa. -Alyssa Hughley


Girlllllll I love you soooo much!!!!! I’m so grateful for your love, passion, loyalty and compassionate heart! You have held it down in MA! When I think and say MA Fo Lyfe! It’s to you boo! Your voice, presence, leadership has taken MA to the level it’s at now! Thank you for your continued yes to our Black girls in our city and around the world!

We celebrate you boo! So honored and overjoyed to call you friend and co-laborer. Love me some RinnyRin!!! -Deborah Joseph


You’re kinda of a big deal! Love and appreciate you so much. You have given a decade to MA! what an act of servanthood and love. You can look back and say I gave my life to this movement and you’ve made it better indeed. I pray that the Lord gives you the endurance to give more as long as you are able! We see you! -Stephania Everett


I love you so much; you are such an inspiration to me! From your hard work, diligence and heart for kids that rseems endless :). You have always been a patient, loving and insightful mentor to the girls. I appreciate being able to work alongside you and witness the many ways you bless the lives of our MA girls!! Love you, -Labreia Cherry

Sharrine, your passion for serving others and your wise and gentle spirit are admirable. Your heart is displayed in all you do and 10 years of service to MA is worthy of celebrating. Your commitment is something to be proud of and I know the Lord is pleased with your faithfulness! I love you and congratulations. -Ronaé Baker


You are one of the kindest women I have ever met. Your servant heart investing in MA has changed so many lives. You have given countless rides. You have had countless conversations. You matter so much and I am honored to have been able to serve alongside you. Your heart for children is a gift from God. I hope you know how special you are today and always. -Berthine Canty

Rinney! You are an incredible woman of Jesus. All of us have been blessed working alongside you; we benefit from your love and compassion. You’ve left a unique mark on Mama Africana- you’ve taught us how to relentlessly love and serve Black girls. Your testimony, your experience, your resiliency have all played a role in teaching us! We love you so much. God bless you for all you’ve done to build the Black community of Tampa. -Evelyn Sekajipo