Kaila's Reflections: My Johari Experience / by Evey Sekajipo

My name is Kaila, and I have been an intern at Mama Africana for the past couple of months. It has been an enlightening and educational experience. Working with the girls in Johari has been eye-opening, and though it was a struggle at times, I have learned a thing or two about myself in the process, and it is an experience that I will not soon forget. One memory I have of working with the girls was when I showed them the video of a girl with natural hair potentially being suspended for wearing her natural hair. I was pleased to see their rightful indignation, even before the video had concluded, about the fact that someone would ban a girl for the hair on her head, which they deemed distracting. In addition to natural hair, we talked about culture, conflict resolution, and other relevant topics, as well as just casually having conversations about what was going on in their lives. We have also made slime in the past, which was messy, but a good time overall! Tuesday, I went and talked to the girls about conflict resolutions and how we can healthily de-escalate situations. We took deep breaths as practice and talked about positive and negative ways to handle a situation where someone says something you do not like. The staff at Kimbell Elementary were always so accommodating and were ready to help me in any way they could, and I’m grateful for their patience and readiness to assist me, especially Ms. Farmer, the school counselor.