Kaila's Reflections: Digging Into My Roots / by Evey Sekajipo

In addition to Johari, I have had a couple of other unique experiences during my time at Mama Africana. I have visited the Ybor Museum and learned about the history of Ybor in its Latino, African-American, Jewish, and other interesting roots. I even learned that Cuban sandwiches are the state sandwich! Going to the Robert W. Saunders Library was also a cool experience, seeing all the books about African American history, and the fact that there is an area of African American literature was really fascinating to see. I think it shows the importance in representation, even so much as having a book that is written by a black person, with or about characters that are also black, can be empowering for black youth. Seeing characters that look like them and have gone through what they have gone through, as well as the success that they now have, can be inspiring.