Celebrating Labreia / by Evey Sekajipo


I would like to take a moment to honor an extraordinary person who is celebrating three years of being on staff with us this month: Labreia Cherry. When I first met Labreia, I instantly knew that we would make a great team. Not only is she amazing at what she does, but Labreia has become one of my closest friends; she is my sister. I’m grateful for the ways she has expanded my ability to dream unfathomable dreams for Black girls around the world. She is a force to be reckoned with and full of endless surprises. Mama Africana would not be at the place it is today if it weren’t for her relentless commitment. I celebrate her leadership and the legacy she is building for the youth of Tampa, beyond Mama Africana. She is a matriarch figure sent from Jesus to mother those who are broken and challenge those who are doubtful. If you haven’t had the honor of getting to know Labreia, please don’t miss out on this phenomenal opportunity. Every interaction with this gem is a life-changing one.

To my beautiful co-director, friend, and sister— to my favorite trouble maker there is: you are deeply loved and cherished by me, our team, our young ladies, and Jesus. May God continue to bless your hands and feet as you bring the gospel to the dark corners of our city. Mama Africana is only the beginning as you are designed to impact lives across the globe. May your light forever shine for our Savior's glory. 

Thank you for indulging me, family.