Fulei's Farewell / by Evey Sekajipo

There are many things that we grow up imaging, your first day of school, graduation whether high school or college, a night out with friends, or even the day you start working.  But there are days that we can't imagine or better yet choose not to.  For me that day has come, my last E-Bridge as a mentor in the University site of Mama Africana.  Looking back on this five year journey, I have grown so much.  There have been so many indelible memories and most of all amazing young women and mentors that I have connected with.  It's true what they say, that I have learned more from my mentees than I believe I have poured into them.  I have been encouraged, humbled, and heart broken because of my girls and I carry a piece of each girl I have been in contact with me.  Because of these wonderful reflections of God, I have become more of myself and remembered what it was to be like them because honestly, I still am.  I have not arrived by any means, however my journey is taking me to new adventures where I know I will meet God and be able to spread the legacy of Mama Africana and the stories of my girls as I move on.  Each girl and mentor has helped me figure out my passion more clearly and just as I have seen the kingdom come in many of my girls lives, I desire that for more black girls and more even for black women.  I have learned that the fruit looks different and that's fine.  Mama Africana has helped me meet Jesus in a way that I could never expect.  Jesus met me here, a broken, tough girl, who was afraid to be vulnerable to other black girls and women and now He is waiting for me as I transition yet again but this time truly empowered even more deeply in my ethnic identity and the privilege of having an ever growing, very personal walk with Jesus.  To everyone who continues to believe in the cause of seeing our Father's kingdom come to our young black sisters lives, I personally thank you because you have no idea who you truly are affecting with this ministry.  To Mama Africana, thank you for having me, I carry you wherever our Father leads me.  To the other mentors, thank you because without you, I could not be who I am now.  And to my girls, I love you ALL!  You have touched not only my heart but my soul and each of you have changed me in ways that I cannot explain and I am for that I am forever indebted to you.  



Sincerely a Mama Africana girl,