In Evelyn / by Evey Sekajipo

Dear Mama Africana Supporters and Donors,

Yesterday our new volunteer, Micah Reum, sent an email entitled “How white people poorly approach black women”, in it he gave his perspective from an interview with one of our mentors Alyssa Hughley.  This blog was written from Micah’s assessment of the experiences of the mentor. I realize that everyone has their own story and path to racial reconciliation and this post was not supposed to insinuate an approach or directives to engage black women.

Mama Africana’s focus continues to be on supporting young black girls who often grow up in tough environments and gain from having a mentor to help them make good choices throughout their adolescent years. I appreciate the ways each of you have impacted Mama Africana; we could not help change the lives of so many young girls without you!

With love,

Evelyn Sekajipo