Taboo Retreat / by Evey Sekajipo

"Alright girls! Let's talk about SEX!"

"EEEWWWW!! Ms Evey, please stop! you're nasty!"

It gets me every time when MA girls squirm at this term: Sex. Yes, I know, they're are kids. They're babies, and 'they don't need to be contaminated about such things.' I've heard that chorus before and every old school bone inside me wants to bop to the beat of it. However, throughout the years, I have faced the reality that this spurious mindset only results to our youth's misguidance. What we need to understand is that DAILY, our youth are being mentored carelessly by the bombardment of media, by music, by television, and by naive peers. Meanwhile, it seems like a 'no touch zone' topic between us (adults) and youth--it's, taboo...

Which is why we in Mama Africana started doing Taboo Stations/ Retreat:

What we do is offer space for our girls to take a closer look at 5 different topics with the help of 5 different speakers. Each speaker shares their testimony while we provide a safe, non-judgmental, responsible space for our girls to dive into the topics. The girls are divided into 5 groups and rotate spending 30 minutes in each station:

  1. Lust/love
  2. Porn/masturbation
  3. Premarital sex
  4. Unplanned pregnancy (abortion) 
  5. Same-sex attraction

At Taboo stations, the love and healing Jesus offers becomes personally real and relevant to our girls. Wounds of pain, rejection, and shame surface and we stand ready to listen, pray and act. Taboo stations have opened stubborn doors that have stood in between mentors and girls.  The door is now open for true dialogue to take place-- and we know that it's going take a continued healthy relationship in order to keep it that way. 

Here are our speakers for April 11th.

Kristine Coffman, Romy Rochelin, Demetrius Cherry, Enslie Dorelus, Stephania Everett, 


Join us in prayer this week for:

Our girls, the speakers, and for the overall event to be led by Jesus.