About Sharrine / by Evey Sekajipo

I am Sharrine Garrett born in raised in Miami, Florida.  I moved to Tampa at 18 to attend the University of South Florida. I joined Intervarsity Christians Fellowship and a few years later joined Mama Africana.  I am currently teaching in the inner city of Tampa.
I am a mentor because I remember how hard it was to be a little black girl growing up in the hood. I am a mentor because of the struggle, I am all too familiar with... the stares you get because your "hair does not seem tamed" or "your body is to full" or your name is dare I say too "ghetto" and the uncertainty I felt about being who God created me to be.  I am a mentor because... while there are people that don't look like me that are more than gracious to lend a hand or listen to a problem, they will never fully understand the skin that little black girls are in. I am a mentor because what better person to encourage and support my little sister than me... a now older black woman that had the scars and stories to encourage my little black girls to embrace their identity and be the girl God has destined them to be. I am a mentor because at this moment it's where my God has called me to be.
My dreams for the young ladies of Mama Africana is that they will look in the mirror and smile at the person that's smiling at them.  I dream that these girls will give the word success a new meaning by breaking barriers, that what dreams they have will become reality. These girls will be more than the Statistician predictions.  My dream for the ladies of Mama Africana is that they learn to dream. That they trust God's plan for their life and they walk in their destiny. My dreams for the young ladies of Mama Africana is that when they grow up they too remember the journey and help guide another sister to be free in being just who God created.