About Labreia / by Evey Sekajipo

My name is Labreia and I am the site director for Ybor site. I love my site! I believe we have a beautiful collection of ladies that serve as mentors who really care for our girls and are committed to developing healthy bonds with them. We desire to help guide our mentees so they can make good choices at this age and when new situations present themselves later in life. I was once a young and unsure black teen who grew up in a supportive home environment but still found it hard to navigate through so many decisions and relationships that had a big impact on my future. I can only imagine how difficult it is for the adolescent who does not have as stable or supportive of an environment. My prayer is that every girl who is a part of MA learns at least these two things once they graduate from the program. One- that they know there is a living God who loves them and wants to be in a relationship with them. Two- is for them to know that they have at least one group of adults in their life who believes the best in them and for them regardless of how low their image of themself may be.

I believe being in a position to watch our girls as they transition into adulthood is a special gift and I love that I’m able to share the experience with others who value them as much as I do!