What's Going On? By Michelle Ashby / by Evey Sekajipo

At the university site this month we have been doing E-bridges in two ways: large group and small group. This month we were able to meet up twice and had one of each of the groups. For our large group we had a moment where the girls wrote letters to Jesus to open later at the end of the year. For our small group time each mentor took their groups and went to different places. One group went to Sacred Grounds Coffee shop, another group went to Sonic's and had slushies, while the last two combined and went to the mall. During our small group time we decided to go back to the basics and ask who is Jesus, learn more about our girls, and the purpose of Mama Africana and what the girls think it's about. During both times this month we've gotten to see new aspects of our girls and learn more about them.  We look forward to seeing their growth and learn more about them.