Change By Fulei Ngangmuta / by Evey Sekajipo

It’s actually something I have no problem with.  I enjoy it!  It is the spice of life but when concerning a group of young, black girls who lack stability it can be the very bedrock that shakes their foundation or cause some to not come back.  This is what we at MA University have had to embrace more than half of the school year in.  Things needed to change, something needed to change and not to be cruel but because University is altogether different.  Our girls are boisterous with lots of personality, they are extroverts with a lot to say and their even more open wounds.  So in re-evaluating and praying, I knew/we knew something needed to change in order to really minister to our girls and where they are at.  So that’s exactly what we have done.  Easy, not so much but needed, absolutely!  We pray that these new changes that are taking place become the very foundation to bring stability, consistency and Jesus’s love to each and every girl.