About Michelle / by Evey Sekajipo

My name is Michelle Ashby and I am an alumni from the University of South Florida (USF Go Bulls!). I graduated in August of 2014 with two bachelor's in Health Sciences and Spanish, with a minor in Communication. I currently work at Adams Middle School as a AVID Mentor and at Sulphur Springs Heritage Museum as a Program Assistant. I dream of going back to school to pursue a licensure as a Physician Assistant.

I chose to be a part of Mama Africana because of Jesus, it's funny, Jesus got jokes because growing up I would say if there is one group I would never work with it was young, black girls (particularly middle school) because they have attitudes for days. Yet this is the exact group Jesus sent me to, particularly middle schoolers too! Every time I see my girls I must laugh, because yes, they have attitudes for days but my heart breaks when I miss a Friday with them. I dream for my girls, I dream for them to be an anomaly in this world. For them to not only graduate high school but to graduate high school pursuing a relationship with Jesus. I dream for them to know their worth and that they as black women are valuable! I dream for them to have an easier journey than me in knowing their identity. I dream and want so much for them, yet none of that to me matters as much as them knowing Christ because I know He dreams even more than I ever could. Being a mentor to these girls brings an unexplainable joy, they seek our approval, attention and Jesus has already approved them, has eyes for each alone, and is forever ready for time with them. I just want them to realize that.