About Tajhah- MA Brandon Mentor / by Evey Sekajipo

Hi my name is Tajhah Kittling. I am a Targeted Case manager for Success 4 Kids & Families and Core Operations Staff at The Well, a community resource center and homeless drop-in center.

I chose to be a part of Mama Africana because, I heard God calling me to do ministry with children. It wasn't a call to work with all children aimlessly, but children who were similar to me. At some point I was a young black girl struggling with who I was and in need of a similar face to look up to, ask my questions to, and be supported by. The opportunity to work with Mama Africana was God calling me to try and be that black woman in the lives of young black girls. God was asking me to encourage them to pursue Him, encourage them to ask their questions, and remind them that God made no mistake when He created them. As God often does, He surprised me. It was the girls at the Brandon site that encouraged me to pursue my relationship with Jesus and encouraged me to follow the dreams God has placed on my heart. It is their creativity that is inspiring, their passion that is incredible, their joy that is contagious and their love that is infectious.

Jesus glows through those girls and my dream for them is that they will see just how alike they are to their creator. They will learn just how much they matter to Jesus, how He pays such close attention to each of His daughters, and how He always sees them.