Power and Strength From God / by Evey Sekajipo

Sometimes it feels like we don’t get through to our girls—it seems we’re so ineffective in reaching them and helping them understand that they were designed for so much more than they think. Sometimes it’s hard to identify fruit, accomplishment, and success.  In Mama Africana, we are met with the discovery that we have no power to change the lives of the Black girls in Tampa Bay; at least not by our power alone. It’s in the moments we least expect it that change appears—it’s a mystery we are surprised by constantly.  This mystery becomes clear and leads us to the reality that our frail strength and weak steadfastness is braced and amplified by the love and mighty power of Jesus alone. When we rely on our own strength, we only fail the girls. When we rely on the power of Jesus, we can do all things, go many places, and break the bondages that hinder our girls from being who they are destined to be. We are ineffective-- without Jesus: Our awareness of this fact is what sets us apart from other mentor programs in Tampa Bay.