Brandon Site 2015 / by Evey Sekajipo

In MA-Brandon, girls join their mentors in the mission to empower black girls in their ethnic identity and in their relationship with Jesus. As we continue to be positive black women in our community, it is our desire that girls start surrendering their lives to Jesus at their young age, being themselves, the role models so desperately needed in society.
Space is created for girls to freely share with each other, have fun and dive into the word of God. They recognize that they are the light of Jesus in their homes and schools and do their best to daily apply every lesson learned. In our meetings, we take time to reflect on the week’s events and share ideas on how to deal with hard situations that arise. We praise Jesus for the ways he has walked with us through our week and submit our concerns to Him.
Praising Him for creating our inmost being; knitting us together in our mother’s womb (Ps. 139: 13), we walk proudly in our identity as black girls.
"When I come here, I feel so to just be me." - MA Girl
"It feels great to be amongst girls my age who genuinely care about me and will not judge me." - MA Girl