Stepping Aside For The Future / by Evey Sekajipo

Our annual conference [Beauty, Worth, and Faith] was an incredible environment to see that representativeness as describe previously.

To see girls who were once extremely insecure (angry, bullies, and bullied,) lead girls to freedom through their stories was intensely something astounding! The theme of the conference was Mark 5- we exhorted girls to rise up and astonish the world with their voice.

One of our sophomores, Charli (started MA when she was in the 7th grade) led the 7th grade small group at the conference. She was moved to tears as she was describing to me her encounter with one of the girls in her small group.

“She was really quiet during small group, so I took a moment to ask her if she had something to share.  She seemed shocked that I acknowledged her--so I decided to briefly tell the group my story and used her as an example. She got up, and walked out the room. I thought it was something I said. When she came back in the room,  I asked her what was wrong and Miss Evey! She told me that at school no one notices her, but here she feels special, loved and seen.  That’s not right—no one should feel that way at school!”

Charli, this young leader, made a girl with serious low self-esteem feel loved, important, and special—God used her to do that!

Dae'Breon (9th) and Jermika (9th) boldly shared their stories in front of their peers at the conference. Their raw stories of pain, heartache, and triumph was something that many of the other girls related to— The room grew silent as many heads were down—it was likely they were reflecting on their own pain. It was beyond powerful to observe our girls blossom and lead other girls to begin the process of healing.

We are discovering that as we broaden our girls’ platform to lead, God uses them more to get through to the other girls. Please keep all of our young leaders in prayer as they explore what it means to care for/ protect their sisters. We just provide the environment, step aside, and watch Jesus work in them.