No HOPE this school year.. / by Evey Sekajipo

Learning how less is more..

We are ready to dive into this school year with our current girls and our new girls. We already have over 15 new girls signed up to start at different sites. We did an outreach at University Mall two weeks ago and met several interested black girls. Tomorrow, we will be doing an outreach in the Brandon area and the following weekend, of Sept. 7th, in the Ybor area.
We decided to put a halt on the HOPE site before it started because we realized we were not at place to commit to it as much as we needed to at this time.  Because we believe in making disciples and really walking with our girls we knew that this would not be possible right at this moment for this site.  Our future girls deserve more from us and we want to be able to do just that.
We don't want to spread ourselves too thin so we would rather concentrate on a few sites so that we can focus on the quality of discipleship and not the quantity of disciples. We're learning that if we focus on the little God has given us, (the mustard seeds) He will bring the growth we need and can handle. We are ecstatic for the potential growth that will be taking place in our ministry for this school year.

We at Mama Africana Network are looking for several sponsors for each site.  As a sponsor, you can either help provide meals for the weekly large group meetings, supplies for the site, or with gifts for girls.

If you're interested in helping, please call or text me at 813-220-8317