Stephanie's MA Internship / by Evey Sekajipo

Time at Mama Africana

When looking for an internship I would never have thought that I would end up at Mama Africana. I had never heard of the ministry until my professor sent an email with a prospective internship opportunity. I decided to give it a try and go for an interview with Evey. Bear in mind, I did not think that this was the type of internship I was interested in at first. I had originally wanted to work hands on with children daily as a tutor. However, coming to that interview was possibly one of the best decisions of my life. People always talk about the importance of internships and how they help an individual to learn more about what they like and dislike and to help make decisions in their future career paths. This was definitely the case in my situation. Mama Africana allowed for me to come out of my comfort zone and the environment in which I was used to and to learn about other peoples’ culture and religion. It was a heart and mind opening experience to learn and value people’s beliefs and to see people fight so strongly for what they believe in. The girls that are a part of Mama Africana are extremely lucky to have a support system behind them that provides a sense of stability and motivation to the girls in their everyday and future lives. The mentors and directors are selfless ladies who truly care about the wellbeing of these girls and show it by constantly doing for them such as holding meetings at the different sites, being there to talk if one of the girls needs them, helping with event planning and being people that Evey could lean on and trust with help and support for Mama Africana. I admire Evey for sticking through and helping Mama Africana to grow to the ministry that it is today, she is dedicated to these girls and to making the ministry thrive. She puts a lot of time and love in to Mama Africana which is admirable. Chris also impacted my experience here as she never says no to anything that you ask her to help you with and is a friendly and approachable person that made me feel very welcome. I was so warmly welcomed by the whole MA family and for that I am truly grateful. I have learned that I want to continue to work with adolescents in my future and I am going to stick to this field of work. I highly recommend Mama Africana to future interns as a place in which you are able to use your skills that you learn in the classroom and as a place in which you actually get hands on experience instead of just shadowing a person. Evey is accommodating and a supervisor that you can speak to and not feel inferior to unlike other internships that are more stratified. In all, I would not change this experience that I have had. I have met people that have changed my life for the best and have made me look within my life and change aspects that I had previously overlooked. I am fortunate for the experience and hope others have the same when they intern here!

Stephanie Sabga

Mama Africana Intern

University of Tampa, Class of 2013

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