Shawna-Kay's Story / by Evey Sekajipo

Mama Africana has influenced to be a better person. It has helped shape me in becoming a strong believer and a 'people person'. I view myself as a beautiful young black girl with a big loving kind heart and with a lot of potential. In MA we have a sisterly bond where we all consider ourselves as one. This mentality helped me to love on others as I love myself. MA taught me that beauty doesn't come from the outside it comes from the inside. Being beautiful on the outside doesn't' define who you are as a person. This program has impacted me in many different ways that causes me to now look at things from different angles. When dealing with a situation I often ask the questions like,  "what would God do?" or "how can I do things differently?"

MA helped me to understand that I am worth much more than the world views me. God put me in this world for a purpose and I know I have a mission to accomplish. I know that I'm worth much more than silver and gold and that material things can vanish away in a blink of an eye. God will never leave me nor forsake me he will forever be here for me. Growing up, people always made me feel as if being black was something to be ashamed of. Being a part of MA, learning the history, and getting an understanding of my race helped me to look at my ethnicity positively and not as worthless or shameful as the world sees it. I see that I come from a set of hard working culture of people. The history of my background is not so pleasant but the progress that we made or accomplish is something to be proud of.

MA has helped me to open up my eyes to reality  to not settle for anything less because God wants me to be fruitful and multiply in my life. God has not given up on me so therefore I shouldn't give up on myself either. After being told this over and over made my faith in God grow so much stronger over the years that I have been in MA. All the counselors helped me to understands my belief and help me to figure out what to do to stay closer to God. MA has taught me that getting saved doesn't  stop you from living  a normal life but it helps you to live right for Jesus if you do it the right way.  Another thing MA has taught me is to always remember that God is always there for you no matter what the situation may be. 




Mama Africana Alumni

Armwood High School, Class of 2013