Wrapping Up Johari / by Evey Sekajipo

Johari has been a success so far. The girls are enjoying discovering their aspirations and love languages. Our last meeting I gave the girls space to express their emotions through poetry. Take a look at this Johari girl's expression:

Sometimes I'm mad
Sometimes I'm sad
Sometimes I wish I had a dad
Destiny, 5

We are about to wrap up in two weeks and Johari girls are having a hard time with that reality. The young ladies of Johari tell me all the time that 9 weeks is not enough time and that they will be sad once it is up. What the girls don't know is that I decided to extend the program to the rest of the school year. I've discovered that it's what's best for the girls. This is my Christmas gift to them; I am wrapping up Johari and handing it to them for another semester.