Thankfulness by Evey Sekajipo

November is here!

October was a simple month. Continuing to love on our girls and each other. And learning how, to do so. We are here for our girls and assist in any way possible. Dinner, discussion and apparently homework. As we continue to say yes to Jesus, we continue to grow in our thankfulness, for being chosen.

As we continue on, through the rest of the year. We know that there are a number of happenings to be grateful for.

Please remember to say a little prayer for us. Pray for our girls; that they continue to feel loved and safe in the arms of Christ. Pray for our team, as we continue to serve our girls. Strength, rest & growth. Pray for one of our mentors, as she prepares to take an exam. Pray for new partnership. Doors to open that we didn’t know were even there, to be opened.